A: Present Year’s News

A note for all players to enable everyone to enjoy their games.

AVOID Slow Play by :–                                                                                                                      

1) Lifting your ball when out of stableford points. Remember there is no need to hole out

2) Play READY GOLF at all times, with one player Teeing Off immediately on reaching     next Tee  while partners mark their cards before they Tee Off                                              

3) Do not take more than allocated time looking for ball 3 minutes

BOOKING    – – – – – – – – – –  In the spirit of the BLSGA, please mix with players from other clubs.   Try to avoid regularly putting your name down with members of your own club.

REMEMBER  – – – – – – – – – –Please do not phone the venue on the day for your name to be added to the NEXT venue’s sheet.   Only after the rep has taken home the booking sheet, can you phone her to have your name added.

Adhering to the above will allow all to enjoy their game.

Thank you

The BLSGA Committee