History- Senior Ladies

The Buchan Senior Mens Golfing Association had been set up in 1989 and was becoming more and more successful. Ladies of the area thought that they too would like to have something similar set up.So during 1996 and early 1997,   Mrs A Barron, of  Turriff Golf Club and Mrs Nellie Morrison, of Fraserburgh Golf Club,along with a number of other ladies, talked informally about how to proceed. After contacting lady members of the clubs in the area, they decided to try to have something similar set up for themselves. The first meeting of the group was held in Ellon Golf Club at 2pm on Wednesday 22nd January 1997.

Present at that meeting were – Mrs J McDonald (Longside), Mrs C Donald (Oldmeldrum), Mrs A Wildgoose(Ellon), Mrs H Sinclair (Newburgh), Mrs M Beattie (Inverurie), Mrs A Barron (Turriff), Mrs M Bennions (Peterhead).

The first committe was set up comprising of –

Mrs N Morrison Captain

Mrs A Barron Vice Captain

Mrs M Bennions Secretary

Mrs M Birnie Treasurer

Fee for the first year was £10 ie £2 annual fee plus £8 for administration, prizes etc. Approximately 128 ladies played during that first year, with one dozen golf balls being raffled at each venue, at 50p per ticket. Two trophies were to be won during the year – awarded to the aggregate winner of each of the two sections, bronze and silver.

Mrs Nellie Morrison(F), Lady Captain, in the centre, with Mrs E Parker (F) and Mrs  H Sinclair (N) at the first prizegiving at Turriff  in 1997

131 ladies actually paid to play in the first year and it was decided to have a silver spoon awarded to the winner of the over 65 age group of ladies. In 1998, each club was given a donation for the use of their course.

Association t-shirts were introduced in 1999 and by that time it was necessary to cap the number of lady members at 170.  By this time Cruden Bay Ladies had joined the group.

In 2000 Mrs V Geoghagan put up a memento for anyone having a hole in one at any venue  during the season.

In 2002 each member could book her own and the time of one other lady, at the next venue, by using the start sheet.

In 2004, Mrs N Morrison and Mrs A Barron were made Honorary Members of the Association. By that year, each venue was hosting approximately 154 members, each paying £18 for their membership. As from 2005, the annual fee was to be £20.