Senior Ladies’ Results

Results from  Games at :-

Peterhead Results 5th May 2016
Silver 1st R McLean CB 28pt  2nd M Bolger L 25pts  3rd M McFarland N 24pts                                                Bronze 1st A Porter PH 28pts  2nd A Koppernaes N 25pts 3rd R Buchan F 25pts                    4th V Seymour In 24pts 5th I Taylor F 24pts

Winner Sub Refund Cath Stewart – Ellon.                                                                                             20th Anniversary Nearest the Pin at 16th Irene Thomson – Inverurie


Inverurie Results Friday 20th May 2016

Silver 1st M Craig Inv 37pts 2nd A Mearns Tur 35pts 3rd S Reid E 34pts                                                  Bronze 1st P Johnston CB 36pts 2nd W McKilligan Tur 35pts 3rd D Buchan CB 35pts                               4th A Souter F 33pts   5th M Birnie E 33pts

Winner Sub refund = D Keith CB

20th Anniversary 6 Secret Holes = S Reid E Lowest & L West F Highest


Turriff Results 23rd June 2016

Silver  1st I Philips PH 35pts 2nd J Cowie CB 35pts 3rd A Thomson E 32ptsp

Bronze 1st A Morrison T 39pts, 2nd K Ward T 35pts, 3rd A Koppernaes N 34pts, 5th A Kenyon T 32pts.

Winner Sub Refund = Rachel McLean CB

20th Anniversary Target Golf Donia Keith CB 4 points 


Fraserburgh 8th July 2016
Silver   1st J Taylor T 38pts   2nd M Bain L 36pts    3rd M Bolger L 34pts
Bronze  1st H Castles E 32pts  2nd B McCann OM 32pts  3rd R Dolman N 30pts  4th R Hastie CB 29pts   5th R Buchan F 29pts
20th Anniversary game = Putting with 16 putts for the 9 holes Kay Ross of Inverurie
Winner of Subs refund Aileen Petrie of Inverurie


Silver Div 1st J Lyn OM 35pts, 2nd L Edwards OM 34pts, 3rd S Bevan T 33pts
Bronze Div. 1st M Barnes T 36pts, N Campbell I 33pts, 3rd J Guthrie I 33pts, 4th L Edminson CB 31pts, 5th A O’Neil I 31pts.
Subs refund Longside – Susan Gray Turriff          Newburgh – Lyn McDonald OM
20th Anniversary Longest Drives. Silver Andrea Thomson Bronze Joyce Giles Tur


Ellon Friday 19th August 2016
Silver = 1st S. Reid (E) 35pts, 2nd L. Kinsella (T) 3rd A Kopperanaes (N) 34pts
Bronze = 1st M Anderson (E) 35pts, 2nd V Seymour (I) 33pts,
3rd J. Guthrie (I) 33pts, 4th J. Forbes (E) 32pts, 5th N. Campbell (I) 32pts
20th Anniversary Straightest Drive – Janet Duguid Inverurie
Winner of Subs Draw – Kay Ross Inverurie