Senior Ladies’ Results

TURRIFF  Results Thursday 26th June 2014

CSS 73

SILVER                                                                   BRONZE

1st  L. Kinsella         T  35 pts                      1st   A Digweed     OM   39 pts

2nd J Stephenson   I   34 pts                     2nd  A Kenyon        T     34 pts

3rd  D Keith            CB  33pts                     3rd  H Stewart      PH   34 pts

                                                                         4th  A Allan          OM    33 pts

                                                                         5th  R Dolman      N       33 pts

Winner of the draw at Turriff was Brenda Mutch  of Longside


OLDMELDRUM Results 6th June 2014

CSS 72

SILVER                                                          BRONZE  

1st   Jean Taylor     T    46pts                       1st  Grace Clark       T    37pts

2nd  Lorna Hay        I    39pts                       2nd   M Anderson      E    37pts

3rd   Sandra Brockie  E  38pts                      3rd Cath Mitchell      T   36pts    

                                                                      4th  Aileen Harcus     O  36pts

                                                                      5th   Jayne Jones      I   36pts

Winner of the draw at Oldmeldrum  Isabel Jack of Turriff




CSS  72

SILVER                                                          BRONZE

1STAnne Miller              I    35                        1st  Dorothy Grant    T   35

2ND Freda MacPherson I    34                        2nd  Val Seymour        I   35

3rd May Bain                 L   34                         3rd  Lyndy Christie     L   35

                                                                      4th Aileen Harcus      O   35

                                                                      5th Anne Clarihew      T   34

 Winner of the Draw at Inverurie was Beattie McCann of Oldmeldrum



Peterhead 8th May 2014

CSS   74   Reduction Only

SILVER                                                                      BRONZE

1st  June Cowie         CB    34pts                1st    Ruth Fraser     T      38pts

2nd Hazel Jamieson  I     34pts                 2nd Isabel Philips   P      37pts

3rd  Elaine Shaw       E      33pts                3rd  Helen Rose       T      32pt

………………………………………………………..4th Trish Grant         L      31pts

………………………………………………………..5th   Irene Dall          T      31pts


WINNER OF THE DRAW at Peterhead was Mary Smith of Oldmeldrum.

Mary has won back her Subscription for this year.  See Senior Ladies News page




SILVER DIVISION                                                           1st Sandra Brockie           Ellon                                                                                  2nd Donia Keith               Cruden Bay

 BRONZE DIVISION                                                        1st Aileen Harcus              Oldmeldrum                                                                      2nd Isobel Taylor              Fraserburgh

 TWIGHLIGHT TROPHY (65+)                                              1st Isobel Taylor              Fraserburgh                                                                      2nd Freda MacPherson      Inverurie


Cruden Bay 6th September                                                                                

 Silver CSS 73                  Bronze CSS 68

1st M Bolger (L) 36pts       1st C Mitchell (T) 40pts                                                       2nd D Keith (CB) 35pts      2nd I Taylor (F) 37pts                                                           3rd A Ross (CB) 32pts       3rd J Kinnon (L) 36pts                                                                                                     4th M Birnie (E) 36pts                                                                                                     5th R McLean (CB) 36pts                                                                                                .6th S Ross (CB) 35pts

 ELLON 23rd August                                                                                    CSS 73                                                                                                                Silver                                         Bronze                                                                                                1st Sandra Brockie (E) 40pts     1st Mary Thomson     (E)  37pts                                                                 2nd Elaine Shaw (    E) 38pts     2nd Anne Clarihew     (T)  36pts                                                             3rd Jean Taylor     (T) 35pts      3rd Valerie Campbell (E)  35pts                                                                                                                 4th Helen Stewart    (p) 35pts 35pts                                                                                                    5th Alison Souter    (F) 34                                                                    

                                    6th Aileen Harcus   (O) 34pts                                                         

Newburgh 8th August                                                                                  CSS 71                                                                                                           SILVER                                         BRONZE                                                                                          1stAndrea Thomson (E) 41pts       1st Alice Reed (E) 38pts                                                                      2nd Doroethy Grant (T) 36pts       2nd Ann Walker (N) 38pts                                                                3rd Freda MacPherson (I) 36pts   3rd Helen Cran (O) 37pt                                                                                                                          4th Marg. Bolger ( L) 37pts                                                                5th Lorna Strachan (E)                  5th Lorna Strachan (E) 35pts                                                          6th Wilma McKilligin (T)35pts        6th Wilma McKilligan (T) 35pts

LONGSIDE Friday 26th July 13
                   CSS 67
SILVER                              BRONZE
1st Chris McIntosh (L) 36pts            1st Dorothy Grant (T) 37pts
2nd Kathleen Esslemont (CB) 36pts  2nd Joy Grant (E) 34 pts
3rd Alison Mearns (T) 35pts            3rd Pat Findlay (L) 34 pts
                                                       4th Brenda Mutch (L) 33pts
                                                       5th Jackie Guthrie (O) 33pts
                                                       6th Ewenice Scott (L) 32pts
                       CSS 72
Silver                                       Bronze
1st B Maitland (F) 37pts          1st A Souter (F) 39pts
2nd D Keith (CB) 36 pts          2nd M Findlay (P) 38pts
3rd A Stewart (I) 35pts        3rd R Dolman (N) 38pts
                                              4th M Smith (O) 38pts
                                              5th A Harcus (O) 37pts
                                              6th H Stewart (P) 36pts
TURRIFF 27th June 2013
                        CSS 72
Silver                                    Bronze
 1st M Bolger L 35pts         1st M Thomson E 36pts
2nd D Keith CB 34pts         2nd I Jack T 35pts
3rd M Beaton I 33pts         3rd C Mitchell T 34pts
………………………………..      . 4th R Dolman N 33pts
…………………………………       5th M Birnie E 33pts
………………………………..        6th J Guthrie OM 32pts
Oldmeldrum 7th JUNE 2013                                                                                                CSS 72
SILVER                                                BRONZE
1st E Stevenson Inv 39pts           1st  B Mutch L 37pts
2nd F MacPherson Inv 35pts       2nd A Harcus OM 36pts
3rd M Rennie Inv 34pts               3rd A Digweed OM 36pts
                                                  4th P Ramsay OM 36pts
                                                  5th R Metcalf CB 35pts
                                                  6th A Souter F 35pts
Inverurie 24th May 2013      
                                             CSS 71
Silver                                                                    Bronze
1st Freda MacPherson Inv 38pts                      1st Aileen Harcus OM 39pts
2nd Jean Taylor Tur 38pts                              2nd Olive Rae Inv 38pts
3rd June Cowie CB 34pts                                 3rd Norma Campbell Inv 36pts
                                                                       4th Jackie Guthrie OM 36pts
                                                                       5th Sheila Mathieson Inv 36pts
                                                                       6th Pat Ramsay OM 35pts
PETERHEAD 9th MAY 2013    
                                     CSS 74
   SILVER                                                              BRONZE
1st Kathleen Esslemont    CB 31                       1st Ros Metcalf         CB 34
2nd Ali Stewart               Inv31                       2nd Anne Clarihew    Tur 30
3rd Anne Ross                 CB 31                       3rd Jackie Guthrie    OM 29
                                                                       4th Pat Ramsay         OM 29
                                                                       5th Audrey Morrison   T 28
                                                                       6th Ray Buchan            F 28